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Passion & Devotion

14 Years' Experience Of Bondage Manufacturing

Since 2005, SPADE has been offering high quality adult toys globally, with manufacturing specialty in bondage gear & accessories.

Wholesale of trending sex toys
With a specialty in bondage gear

Everyone deserves an interesting, funny, joyful while also safe love life. SPADE is one of those sex toy manufacturers and wholesalers who are trying very hard to fulfill the love life wellbeing of our dear customers.


Since 2005, SPADE has been offering high quality adult toys, with manufacturing specialty in bondage gear & accessories. We have been always devoting to design and innovation, our chief designer works in the industry for more than 20 years. We’ve never restrained by normal product design ideas, traditional process flow, and orthodox requirements for materials.

SPADE offers a set of trending bondage labels as well as well world-renowned sex toy brands

We launched a set of trending bondage labels with very special product designs and specific identities. We spared no efforts to provide new novelties which could meet everchanging while unique demands from different love lifestyles. 


· If you are new to the BDSM world, and you wanna add a little bit more fun to your bedroom, you're highly recommended to search from our Scarlet Kitten fashion novelties.

· Maybe you are already a naughty kinkster, then our Bekinky intermediate bondage gear worth your attention.

· For Advanced BDSM players who seek heavy-duty and safe play, please turn to our SMSPADE leather bondage products.

· Even you are Vegan and looking for something interesting and special, you deserve Vegan Fetish BDSM toys.

· a lot more coming soon ...


There are also world-renowned sex toy brands we're cooperating with which you can choose your favorites from.

Strict Quality Control
Through The Whole Process

SPADE has been always striving to deliver the quality products that our customers deserved.


Owning a factory, SPADE is able to control the quality of products through the whole process of turning a piece of leather to a nicely crafted paddle. Since 2005, the factory has gained a rich experience in manufacturing the world’s best-selling BDSM gears by cooperating with dozens of leading brands in the pleasure product industry. The seasoned craftsmen working in the Factory commit to quality so much that they treat every single handcrafted item as a symbol of their skills.




To ensure the quality of materials, our professional purchasing team always work very hard to source the best and most dated suppliers of materials from the globe. Take the leather for an example, we ask for the imported leathers from high-quality leather producing countries like Italy and we want the leather to be as natural as possible. So we insist on using vegetable tanning leather, which is produced from a more environment-friendly tanning process and contain much fewer chemicals. We care for the health and safety of our product users as well as the environment very much.


We look forward to cooperating with you soon!