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Rimba® is a manufacturer and wholesaler selling a wide variety of high quality, adult erotic products.


Since 1970, Rimba has specialized in a variety of sensual erotic items made from various fabrics, leather, latex and neoprene. The Rimba collections are sold in the best erotic stores throughout the world.


Featured labels presented by Rimba:


Bondage Collection Erotic Fashion Electro Toys




Spade is the exclusive dealer of Rimba in Asian countries. For clients whose business are based in Europe and countries outside Asia, please contact Rimba B.V. directly. 


Pottenbakkerstraat 144871 EP Etten-Leur
The Netherlands


Tel: +31(0)76 5414484


Email: info@rimba.eu


Let's Play and visit Rimba official website for more information and complete collections:

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