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N.P.G. stands for “Nippori Gift” and as you’d expect, this company operates from the Nippori District in Tokyo, Japan.


N.P.G. was founded in 1979 and that makes it one of the oldest companies in the Japanese onahole market, and these years of experience mean they produce very high-quality products. They also haven’t become complacent: N.P.G. is still a forerunner in many ways. They are proud of what they make and will not take shortcuts or sell a sub-optimal product. Because of this, many of their products have become real classics: the Maria Ozawa, the Meiki 5 and the Meiki 6 are still very popular years after their initial release.


Many of N.P.G.’s onaholes are based on Japanese porn stars. Thanks to N.P.G.’s good reputation the adult actresses are eager to be immortalized by them. The box art often features beautiful photographs instead of the manga-art of many other Asian adult toy manufacturers and several of their products even come with a little mini-poster.


The N.P.G. onaholes are made out of high-quality material and often have two or three different layers. This way they can have a soft, skin-like layer on the outside and a sturdier, more stimulating layer on the inside. The external design is, of course, based on the real labia of the adult actresses!


N.P.G.’s onaholes aren’t the cheapest on the market, but if you buy from this brand you know for sure that you’ll be getting your money’s worth - AND you’ll finally be able to see what your favourite porn actresses look like behind the pixelated porn!

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